Warehouse Reduces Packing Time Using HARTING MICA

When a company packed up an order for shipments, several devices were used to complete the packaging process. These devices included a scale, a PLC that controls the packaging machine and a film printer for the labeling.

In addition, operators also had to enter information manually into the ERP and then manually adapt work instructions, such as the welding and cooling times to the PLC. The result was an additional 5 to 15 minutes of setup time for orders. The challenge was that all of these systems used different languages and needed one device to connect to and communicate with all of them simultaneously.

Learn how the HARTING MICA allowed communication between all devices, which reduced manual steps and saved the company $19,411 per year.


Warehouse Reduces Packing Time Using HARTING MICA

Date: Aug 15,2018

Category: Industry 4.0

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